Igi Fischer

Product & Business Developer

Creative output

Responsive web app layout with integrated content management system (CMS) ++ Systems for cross-media marketing and online canvassing ++ Content development workings and multi-lingual diction ++ New formats for internet advertising and online donations

Tool kit

Php/ xml/ xhtml/ html5/ css3 ++ Photoshop ++ PowerPoint ++ Hostgator ++ Cloudflare ++ Google Maps/ Analytics/ Webmaster Tools ++ Gmail ++ Domain.com ++ Trumpia ++ BufferApp ++ Dlvr.it ++ Twitterfeed ++ Bit.ly ++ Zazzle ++ Amazon ++ Sigil ++ Vimeo ++ YouTube ++ Paypal ++ Skype

Portfolio samples

ReWapps ++ Pay Per Branding
Social Merging ++ Aid QR

Long journey short

1964, born in Weiden, Germany ++ At 13 started as guitarist, bassist and songwriter with a teen band ++ Graduated from high school at 18 ++ Served in German army right after ++ Skipped college ++ Worked for logistic companies to finance the early days as musical artist ++ Played with professional bands, ran studio projects and composed utility music during the 1980s ++ 1990, hired as musical entertainer on the Canary Islands ++ Back to Germany, founded music production and consulting firm ++ Participated in establishing a record label and designed their recording studio ++ Was executive producer and audio engineer of more than twenty released albums during the 1990s ++ Became tour manager of various US bands in the German-speaking world ++ Worked as technical director of international music festivals in Switzerland ++ Showcased digital recording software on trade fairs ++ 2000, began developing web-based marketing opportunities ++ Met life 'n' soul mate and moved to Venezuela ++ Since 2003, dedicated to the projects outlined in creative output

Facets of mindset

Buy time not work ++ Control what you can and let go what you can't ++ Liberate yourself from "have tos" ++ Always buck the trend ++ Skip nagging, just do right what (you think) others do wrong ++ Have clear what you want and be all set for the moment when getting it ++ Look at experience as a lifelong property, not as something that was good or bad to gather ++ Be sui generis, as person and pro

Personal favs

Alternative free-style cooking ++ Stadium design ++ Green concepts and lifestyle ++ Diversity ++ Games of FC Bayern, Red Sox and 49ers ++ Backgammon, card-playing and pool ++ Bread baking ++ Movies and music casting shows ++ Strolling ++ Me time ++ My loved ones

Igi Fischer

Product & Business Developer

Email: igifischer@gmail.com
Twitter: @igifischer
Skype: igitsch